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March Madness To April Insanity

I am a Certified Financial Planner(TM) and President of Financial Life Focus, LLC, a Fee 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Only Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm in Livingston, New Jersey. I began my career over 30 years ago as an accountant, focusing on tax, audit, financial accounting and forensic accounting. In the mid '80s, I shifted my attention to personal financial planning, tax planning, investment strategy and wealth management. I have embraced a Financial Life Planning approach in my work with clients, having customized if for my practice after participating in training with Money Quotient(TM) and the Kinder Institute. Life planning goes beyond numbers. It's not just about making money and investing money, but about using the money to fulfill your dreams. Inspired by the impact this approach has had on my life and that of my clients, I wrote a book for other advisors The Business of Life: An "Inside Out" Approach to Building a More Successful Financial Planning Practice (published November 2010).

Did you hear Warren Buffet is offering a ONE BILLION dollar payoff for the perfect NCAA Basketball bracket? Sounds simple, right? Fill in the correct teams and win a billion dollars. Except your odds are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1 of bringing home the cash.

There's another season that is also omnipresent this time of year tax season. The time when all your great planning (or not) finds its way into numbers on Form 1040. Relatively speaking, it should be a simple affair to plan on minimizing your tax bill, right? For example, if you have a company sponsored retirement plan, like a 401(k) plan, you can stash away a nice amount of cash for your future AND reap a tax benefit today. You might be self employed and have Testosterone Propionate Meditech Price your own retirement plan that provides the opportunity to do the same thing, and in some cases, a lot more than a 401(k). Retirement Testosterone Cypionate Peak savings is just one example of the sound financial decisions you must make to minimize taxes and leave more in your wallet. You have a decision: do I defer income today, save some taxes and provide for my future or do I "Hgh Jintropin Avis" spend my available resources elsewhere? This where your financial life planning decisions intersect with your tax strategy.

Another example of financial planning decisions that have potential tax consequences is when you make the decision to forgo a well funded Tren-H100 Global Anabolics emergency cash account in favor of investing in the market. You face a significant risk of having to liquidate positions when those unanticipated situations "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" occur. One outcome? You create short term gains which are taxed as ordinary income instead of tax favored long term gains. Even worse, is the potential for you to incur capital losses because you failed to plan for the unanticipated.

A further example is when you are cleaning out those closets or refurnishing a room. "Oxandrolone Powder India" Donating those goods to a qualified charity provides a deduction than can make a difference and save on taxes. It takes planning Buy Jintropin and knowledge of the appraisals and receipts you might need to take full advantage.

Too many taxpayers see their CPA once a year or worse, rely on software packages. In order to maximize your savings and therefore minimize your taxes, there is no substitute for working proactively with a qualified CPA with whom you can discuss and plan for opportunities, changes and circumstances that might be beneficial.

The fact is, tax season doesn't have to be a calamity and you don't have to play ridiculous odds in order to come out a winner. It takes planning, consideration and working with experts who can guide and advise you. The same holds true for all aspects of your financial life. Trying to go it alone or relying on computer based questionnaires for say, portfolio construction that has no way of adding context, history, attitudes and beliefs into the mix just makes your odds of success that much less.

The reality is that answers are rarely cut and dried; a top ranked team doesn't get a pass directly to the finals. I don't think anyone can really help you take home that $1,000,000,000 check from Warren Buffet, but there are professionals who can help you examine all the issues and improve the odds of a sound decision. If you don't have a proactive tax professional, contact the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. If you don't have an independent planner contact the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) or the Financial Planning Association for referrals.

After all, these simple decisions don't need to be that complicated. The odds are, together, you will move closer to success and a more satisfying financial life.